How can dentistry increase the effectiveness of treating problems, reach more seniors, while improving the patient’s experience, and significantly lower costs?

Our vision is to protect a vulnerable aging population by bringing essential oral healthcare to seniors who are unable to travel to receive dental services.

Since a large percentage of my practice is senior-based, I am aware of how their oral healthcare needs differ from the general population. Gum diseases have a greater impact on their overall well-being. Pneumonia and influenza susceptibility can be reduced with good oral hygiene.

Dental needs can be a very expensive problem to treat.

The solution lies largely in the approach. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the bacteria that cause disease on two fronts: Gum Disease and Decay.

In large part this can be accomplished at seniors residences without ever having to travel to a dentist, getting a shot, or having teeth drilled. Simple frequent cleanings with improved oral care has been shown to improve oral health. Four professional cleanings per year by a dental hygienist dramatically improves health risks like pneumonia.

Recently, Silver Diamine Floride, (SDF) an inexpensive non-invasive way to stop decay has been approved by the FDA. No shots, no drills yet nearly 100% effective with several applications at 3-6 month intervals. I have incorporated SDF into my practice with success. It has more commonly been used in pediatric dentistry but it lends itself successfully to senior dentistry.