Many individuals clinch or grind their teeth in their sleep. Not only does this cause damage to teeth, but also it can also lead to headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders, and even snoring or difficulty breathing. The NTI nightguard, a type of mouthguard, might be able to help. The NTI nightguard prevents the clenching action, which means less wear and tear to your teeth, less jaw pain and even fewer migraines.

Teeth clenching and bruxism (also known as teeth grinding) can do serious damage to your teeth over time. That’s because when you clench your teeth, you apply a huge amount of force to hold your upper and lower teeth together. This pressure is exerted when you grind, slowly wearing down the involved teeth. This can eventually lead to broken teeth, a chipped tooth filling or even tooth loss.

The Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding occurs subconsciously and is commonly caused by anxiousness or tenseness. Here are some of the signs that you may be a bruxer (teeth grinder):

  • Your clenching wakes up your sleep partner
  • Your teeth are worn, flattened or chipped
  • Your enamel is worn down. This can lead to discolored teeth and teeth that are susceptible to chipping or fracture.
  • Sensitive teeth are a symptom of bruxing. These people feel extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drink.
  • Earaches, headaches and facial pain

Teeth Grinding Treatment

The most common treatment for bruxism is a dental appliance called a night guard. The NTI appliance is a bite guard. What’s the difference? Most night guards protect your teeth from grinding while you sleep but do not actually stop the clenching behavior. This is good for your teeth, but it might not reduce the pain associated with bruxism, especially jaw pain and migraines.

At Signature Dentistry, we custom fit NTI nightguards in our North Scottsdale office for patients who suffer from teeth grinding. These nightguards work to protect the surface of your teeth and prevent the health problems that are associated with bruxism. The nightguards are designed to be comfortable and not hinder your breathing passages so your sleep does not suffer as a result of your new mouthpiece.

If you are concerned about what your teeth grinding can be doing to you contact our Scottsdale office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sommers.