If you’ve ever gotten anxious about visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. Thirty to forty million Americans put off necessary dental appointments due to dental anxiety, and this can have a serious negative impact on your oral health, and your happiness. At Signature Dentistry, you don’t have to let this anxiety keep you from getting the treatment you need. Our practice offers sedation dentistry such as conscious sedation to patients who experience anxiety so that they can feel relaxed and comfortable during their appointments and get the work done they need to maintain their oral health.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral sedation dentistry is a medical procedure involving the administration of oral sedative drugs, generally to facilitate a dental procedure and reduce patients fear and anxiety related to the experience. Oral sedation is one of the available methods of conscious sedation dentistry, along with inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide).

General Anesthesia Sedation

Though the majority of dental procedures can be performed without its use, general anesthesia is an important part dentistry. Like its medical counterpart, the use of this anesthetic method in dentistry will render you totally unconscious and unable to feel pain during dental surgery. In this unconscious state, there is also an absence of fear and anxiety; it’s for this last reason, in fact, that general anesthesia is sometimes used not only for complex dental treatment, but is also occasionally recommended for children and adults who experience acute dental anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry for the Elderly

We are dedicated to treating elderly patients with care and commitment to comfort and health. Elderly patients as a group tend to avoid dental visits for a variety of reasons, including: more pressing medical concerns, anxiety about treatment, the hardship of transportation, or fixed incomes. Once their oral health has reached an unmanageable point, fear and embarrassment further keep these patients away from the dentist. For elderly patients, sedation dentistry provides the opportunity for Dr. Sommers to treat dental conditions while the patient remains relaxed and unaware until awaking up to an improved oral state.